White power movement delivers warning

White supremacists

For evil to prosper all you need is a good dose of sunshine.

So it was on a bright Christchurch day last weekend when men adorned in black T-shirts, camouflage pants and with their heads shaved took to the streets.

Alongside them were women pushing baby strollers, and displaying signs that declared, among other things, that it was all right to be white.

A lone protester to the march stood on Deans Ave, walking stick in one hand, DIY sign in the other. His read: “Please respect people of all cultures, ethnicities and colour.”

Another man, who 640 people like on Facebook, was front and centre in Christchurch last week. Kyle Chapman was presiding over what he proclaimed was the most successful right-wing march ever in New Zealand. There was, he said, about 115 people. Its success, Chapman claimed, was down to a prevalence of sunshine and “a scarcity of communists”. (read more)