The bladder in the back of the bus

He had only just sat down on the bus when the call began to come.

“I need to pee,” the voice said. It came from, the back of the bus and from a place like Ohio or Missouri or Illinois. “Is there a place in the terminal to pee?”

The walk from the train terminal to the ship was long and hot. Some took taxis. Others walked. The man who had only just sat down had walked. The night before, it seemed, he had been drinking. He was sweating and breathing heavily. Upon hearing the voice at the back of the bus he began to sigh and roll his eyes.

“I don’t need this,” he said.

The voice at the back of the bus had a friend. In fact, there were a few of them. It was a whole group of middle aged ladies. However, only one of them, it seemed, needed to pee.
The woman with the full bladder had a friend who had been on a cruise before. But the conversation, like it does for homo sapiens of a certain age and disposition, swiftly moved from potential toilets to upcoming holiday destinations and family back home before erupting into a full blown, indecipherable chatter.
But then, the voice returned.
“I really need to pee,” it said.

The man sighed again.

Soon the ship became apparent. It’s name was plastered in giant letters across its side. “Silhouette”.

“Is that our ship?” a woman in the back asked.

“That’s our ship,” another answered.

The passengers disembarked with their passports at the ready.

Once inside the cruise terminal the woman’s friend tapped her on the shoulder.

“Look,” she said. “There’s the toilet.”

And the voice waddled off.


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